Your properties can stand out on their own without having to incentivize potential renters with free rent. A few years ago, Google introduced the “Age of Assistance,” which speaks to the fast-moving consumer force that has high expectations for relevant, immediate, and hyper-personalized information. By meeting their expectations, you don’t have to offer concessions. And with multifamily searches peaking, now is the time to update your tactics to make sure you do.

Marrying Multifamily Seasonality with Proven Marketing Tactics

Multifamily seasonality runs on a slightly different schedule than the standard quarterly calendar you’re used to. G5’s most recent Google search data shows that searches peak in June and ramp up again in October, with slower activity in December and January. Searches for multifamily continue to increase – up 51 percent in Q1 2018 from Q1 2017. Advertising clicks are also up year-over-year as more users are clicking on paid ads. With searches peaking, you need to take advantage of the long leasing season.

Smart Digital Advertising

Smart Digital Advertising from G5 helps multifamily marketers pre-qualify leads and optimize digital ad campaigns so you spend smarter. Optimizing your campaigns to target customers with the right message at the right time helps you pre-qualify leads. Smart Digital Advertising uses Dynamic Ads to drive more qualified leads to your website by focusing campaigns on actual pricing and availability fed directly from your PMS. This paired with Lead Insights helps you understand campaign performance and the efficiency of your marketing spend.

UX-Designed Website

Align your website with how users consume content. The most important information should be at the top of the page in order for prospects to self-qualify immediately. From there, the information on your UX-designed website should be presented in a format that meets users’ expectations and drives them down the page to a hard call to action, where they are more likely to convert.


Qualify your leads by using your branding to attract your ideal audience. Branding helps your properties stand out, especially in larger cities with more competition. Your brand — including your name, logo, taglines, aesthetics, and messaging — needs to reflect your property’s unique value proposition while sparking interest and convincing potential customers that you’ll provide a satisfying experience. The visual representation of your brand needs to resonate with your target audience, provide cohesive and enticing messaging, and reinforce your brand promise.

Get Found in the Age of Assistance

Put your digital marketing strategy to work in the Age of Assistance by drawing in the right renters at the right time with the right messaging. By taking advantage of Smart Digital Advertising and having a well-branded, user-friendly website, you can attract the most qualified leads, resulting in more conversions. With multifamily searches peaking, it’s time to amplify the impact of your digital advertising strategy.

Learn more about how you can stand out by downloading our infographic on the Age of Assistance.