If you read our 2H19 Digital State of the Industry Report for self storage, it won’t come as a surprise that most primary and secondary markets are oversaturated. With competition at an all-time high, a smart digital marketing strategy is your best bet to attract and convert the most leads. In fact, your revenue growth depends on it.

In our new eBook, Increase Revenue with Digital Marketing & Online Leasing we dive into what you need to do to drive more qualified traffic to your website and then convert them with online leasing. Check out the highlights.

Chapter 1: The True Cost of Vacant Units

Self storage marketing is evolving and decision makers are shifting their focus to meaningful metrics like vacancy exposure to inform their demand generation strategies. Unlike occupancy rates which report solely on the percentage of occupied units, exposure takes into account the potential business impact of vacancy loss and how it will affect revenue moving forward. 

Chapter 2: 3 Tips to Drive Higher Quality Leads

Generating better quality leads is the first step towards reducing vacancy loss. By optimizing your organic search presence, implementing Smart Digital Advertising strategies, and designing a user experience that converts browsers into buyers, you ensure the right traffic finds your website – and stays there. 

Chapter 3: Mastering Online Leasing

Self storage facilities that offer online leasing solutions have lower overhead costs and enjoy higher revenue than those who don’t. For years, self storage facilities have focused on having people onsite to conduct tours and talk to prospective renters. While this can be great for developing relationships, it can also result in a lot of wasted time when prospects don’t convert. Online leasing systems like G5 Uber Leasing make it possible for customers to rent a unit or parking space anytime, day or night. 

Chapter 4: Analyze & Pivot

Optimizing lead-to-lease conversions involves a variety of factors, and testing for improvement is a never-ending process. Every self storage operation is different, but all share the same basic needs when it comes to accelerating lease velocity. While tracking conversions across each stage of the funnel is important, there are fundamental metrics that you need to watch to ensure consistent improvement.

Ready to know more about how digital marketing and online leasing can help you increase revenue for your self storage business? Download your copy of our new eBook now