Self storage technology continues to advance and offer a new, more diversified customer relationship management scope. What role does technology currently have in your security measures and customer experience? If it’s limited or non-existent, you should start looking into the following trends and tools in 2019. Tech-based equipment and operating systems reduce staff time, increase opportunities for a customer-led lease-up, and revolutionize functionality and security systems.

Assistance-Based Tech Applications for Customers and Staff

The following programs and trends provide a mix of administrative support, customer relationship management, and lease-up strategy.

Bluetooth and Biometric Locks

There are two new security tools available that are quickly becoming the most popular (and sought-after) solutions for self storage locks. First, Bluetooth proximity readers can be quickly installed on any existing self storage unit and utilized even when cellular networks are out of service. These locks recognize device and unit-specific Bluetooth signals and only lock and unlock when the device’s owner/user is in close proximity. Second, there are new biometric fingerprint readers that offer an automated security mechanism for your customers and units. Thousands of user profiles can be stored within a single system, and the equipment and operating system can be used for an existing facility.

Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks take your customer relationship management to the next level, because they allow you to provide 24/7 leasing on the customer’s terms. There are numerous models and operating systems available, with different levels of functionality. Research ahead of time to find the model and system that will serve your facility and customers best. You will also want to carefully decide where to install the kiosk, how to integrate it into your current operations and business model, and develop a long-term strategy for its use.

Video Surveillance with Live Feed

Video surveillance has also been increasingly streamlined as technology has advanced. If you are looking to upgrade your system, choose one that offers high-quality video with Internet Protocolo (IP) cameras that broadcast a live feed directly to the operating system. You can also choose to privately access the video stream from a mobile device application. The video feed can be watched live or reviewed later.

Online Leasing

As we mentioned earlier, technology can be used to diversity customer relationship management and your facility’s overall ease of use for customers. The main benefit is less reliance on staff time, while offering 24/7 lease-ups both on-site and online. The self storage research-to-lease process can take anywhere from a month to less than a day. Regardless of how long a lead has to select a self storage facility, the majority of their process occurs online. Be sure to offer the entire customer experience online, with application, contracts, leasing, and bill pay available. One tool that makes this easier is real-time pricing and availability updates supplied by your operating system’s inventory data feed.

Dynamic Ads with Real-Time Pricing and Availability

Real-time pricing and availability feeds can also be used to power your digital advertising campaign to self-qualify prospects before sending them to your site. These dynamic ads are populated with up-to-date data and turned on or off based on vacancy changes. We also recommend incorporating Google’s new Responsive Search Ads with this advertising model. Unlike standard digital ads, which use one headline and one description, these are tailored from up to 15 different headlines and up to four descriptions. Once implemented, Google will arrange different combinations and, using machine learning, use only those that perform well with your ideal audience.

Self Storage Tech Assistance with G5

G5 paves the way for utilizing tech-driven innovations in real estate marketing campaigns. We partner with self storage facilities to provide a wide-range of digital advertising, design, and development solutions. We will be introducing Uber Leasing 3.0, our latest CRM benefit, in early 2019 and are eager to equip you another level of self storage technology that aids your staff and customers towards lease-up.

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