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Looking forward to LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo! 

Help find a cure for Alzheimer's at LeadingAge. We want to learn more about you. But instead of a penny for your thoughts, G5 thought we could band together and help raise money for the Alzheimer's Association.

Come visit us at booth #1339 and answer a 3-minute survey. For every completed survey we will donate $3 to the Alzheimer's Association.  

See you there!


We put our hearts into Senior Living.

When done poorly, digital marketing can represent a brand too generically. When done correctly, it makes your audiences feel connected to you. At G5, we make it our business to understand Senior Living inside and out so that our lead generation efforts, from website copy, to paid advertising, to content marketing, is customized and personalized.

We are stewards of your brand.

Senior Living communities offer a unique combination of care levels and services, so they deserve to stand apart from their competition. Our job is to understand your unique differentiation and ensure your branding and vision are realized. G5’s combination of products and creative services provide Senior Living with the latest technical advancements in lead generation while keeping a close guard on your brand personality.

Senior Living Websites on Mobile and Desktop
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Your users are online.

Seniors are often miscategorized as being offline. Although the statistics are lower for both the senior and the adult child compared to other generations, they are showing increased adoption rates. Digital marketing should consider your customers' journey so you can meet them where they are.

G5 Content Management System for Senior Living

Don’t invest in a depreciating asset.

The G5 Marketing Cloud platform hosts all of our clients’ websites, analytics, and more in a secure environment with over 99.9% uptime.

The beauty of partnering with G5 is that your digital marketing will continue to stay ahead with ongoing improvements: SEO updates, for example, react to Google’s many algorithm changes, are made directly to the platform, and immediately benefit you.

The G5 Content Management System (CMS) positions you for the future. We make editing your website easy and fast, including adding new pages or even changing your color scheme. Stay relevant by altering your website to match current messages or to highlight your community events or holidays. 

We invest in new designs and functionality and offer them to our clients at no additional cost through our CMS. Instead of budgeting for a large redesign every couple of years, enjoy our Anytime Redesign™ and take advantage of the latest trends in design and conversion, while looking amazing—anytime.

Robin Craig, Corporate Director of Marketing, MBK

G5 went above and beyond to make the latest approaches and technologies available to us to help drive online referrals to our properties.

Robin Craig, Corporate Director of Marketing, MBK

We heard your pain point—and responded.

Typically, digital marketing’s target is getting you leads and helping you convert them into customers. For Senior Living, we heard your need for more. The high rate of turnover in community staffing means your websites must also generate interest in your open job positions. We developed a careers widget that allows you to integrate with select systems and drive more careers traffic right to your door. By choosing a Senior Living expert as your digital marketing partner, you are offered features developed specifically to match your needs.

Beautiful Flowers

Data-driven real estate marketing that works.

The G5 Marketing Cloud delivers new customers at the lowest cost through tailored lead generation strategies, website designs that convert, and analytics that empower—all on one platform.

Targeted Lead Generation

Attract the right audiences through G5's industry-proven, targeted lead generation.

Higher Conversions

Engage users, increase brand trust, and easily convert into more leases with sophisticated website designs.

Better Results

Know your marketing ROI by tracking results, learning, and improving.