What role does technology in your communities? If you are not watching senior living tech trends, now is the perfect time to start. There are a host of emerging applications and services designed specifically for senior living communities, residents, and caregivers. These tech-based programs recognize that many seniors may have limited contact with their former community and loved ones after moving into senior living, and they are setting out to fix it.

Many applications also provide a secondary level of accountability for your staff and volunteers to keep family members up-to-date on visits, social events, and group activities. Increasing the opportunities staff and residents have to stay connected will improve overall comfort and personal connections within your communities.

New Tech for Residents and Staff

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Lincware: Admit+

Admint+ streamlines the senior living admissions process so you can focus on resident care, not chasing paperwork. It’s the first digital admissions software that includes all of the following ADDS – analytics, decisioning, documents, and signatures. Admit+ automates online forms and tailors them to each location and resident.

Heart Legacy

Heart Legacy is a social engagement application that connects seniors and families through a video kiosk, desktop model, or smartphone app. It can be used by residents, loved ones, and staff alike. You may also upload life story videos and testimonials to be used for recruitment and advertising.

Care Share Manager

Care Share Manager works for both care providers and families to provide updates on residents. It tracks one-on-one visits with staff and volunteers, social activities, wellness updates, care schedules, and physician information. Care Share Manager can also reduce operational risk because it adds another level of tracking support and care. The application provides analytics and engagement tools, as well.


Rendever follows the motto “Relive, Reconnect, Reinspire”. It is a virtual reality tool that works to improve resident happiness and connection through virtual reality (VR) activities. Through the application and tools, residents can visit their old home, stroll through their favorite parks, hike Machu Picchu with fellow residents, or go on a walking tour of Paris. The options are nearly endless and give residents the opportunities to relive their favorite memories or create new ones.


GeriJoy is a caregiving companion that provides personalized, around-the-clock support with authentic social interactions. According to GeriJoy, seniors who use the companion support are less lonely because they always have someone to talk to. It leads to a happier and more engaged life, and an improved relationship between residents, caregivers, and their loved ones.

Happy senior man singing song and playing guitar for a woman sitting in front at home


SingFit turns music into medicine with group music activities led by senior living staff. It is a turnkey music solution for senior living communities, adult day programs, and skilled nursing facilities. Therapeutic music programs can be especially impactful for those with dementia, as participation can reduce disruptive behaviors and increase speech and interaction.

Build Better Relationships with Tech

Each of these methods  will strengthen the relationships between your staff, your residents, and their loved ones. In addition to the tools and apps above, you can also use advancements in technology to recruit top-level employees. Finding the right staff capitalizes on the investments you make for your community and residents. We recommend leveraging the same proven marketing tactics used for targeting your ideal resident to recruit highly skilled senior and health care professionals. From an SEO optimized website to a tailored advertising campaign, the right digital marketing strategy will help you find and keep the staff you need.

Putting it all Together: Investing in a Marketing Partner

At G5, we do more than stay ahead of the curve of senior living tech trends. We’re also responsible for innovating the latest advancements in real estate marketing systems. G5 partners with senior living communities to provide a wide-range of marketing and design services. We are ready to equip you with the tools you need to recruit the best talent and optimize your tech-based amenities.

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