The role of a digital marketing strategist is to connect digital to all other aspects of a company’s business in order to drive opportunities for growth and make data-driven, informed decisions. But understanding customer interactions across all touchpoints remains a challenge for many marketing teams throughout the real estate industry. By partnering with a front-end marketing partner like G5, you gain the necessary insights to become an effective digital marketing strategist.

What is a Front-End Marketing Partner?

A front-end marketing partner may be the perfect fit to fill the gap in critical, technical positions for your company. As a busy real estate marketer, you need digital advertising, SEO, website design, and reputation and social media management. A front-end marketing partner can provide the very best marketing support in these areas. They can also include services for brand development and strategy implementation. This holistic approach works across multiple channels and consistently evolves to calculate conversions and ROI for each campaign.

While agencies may be better for niche projects, a front-end marketing partner offers greater benefit for marketers looking for a long-term, comprehensive partnership. Choosing a partner with intimate knowledge of rental markets means your campaigns won’t fall flat.

How Data Helps You Make Smarter Decisions

By establishing a unified view of your customer data, you can begin to make well-informed, data-driven marketing decisions. Your company wants to be able to reach the right people with the right message. The ability to measure marketing efforts and make decisions based on real data means you stay ahead of your competition to attract renters.  

The Insights You Need to Become a Digital Marketing Strategist

G5 Analytics offers marketers a comprehensive reporting platform that measures marketing effectiveness by combining metrics from multiple channels. This platform allows you to track your marketing effectiveness by providing real, robust data. Our reporting allows for flexibility and deep insights into your brand’s marketing performance. Pull traffic and conversion insights from your websites, search, display and social ads into one platform. G5 Analytics provides the insights you need to become a digital marketing strategist for your brand and make decisions based on what’s working for each of your properties.

G5 Analytics includes consolidated data from across all of your digital touchpoints, including:

  • Website traffic and sources
  • Impressions, clicks, and conversions from search, display, remarketing, and social ad campaigns
  • Phone call and online form conversion data with source attribution

The volume and breadth of data available has become increasingly more complex with a growing number of digital touchpoints across the buyers’ journey. Real estate marketers want to be able to make data-driven decisions and with G5 Analytics, our partners feel confident in their marketing strategies. It eases the challenge of understanding customer interactions across all touchpoints.

A Partner For Busy Real Estate Marketers

G5 combines intimate knowledge of the real estate and property management industries with the latest technology, AI-powered data, and a team of experts. Partnering with G5 gives you access to tools like G5 Analytics to help your marketing team become effective digital marketing strategists for your organization. Measure your marketing efforts and make decisions based on real data to keep ahead of the competition and attractive to the right renters.

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