The right marketing partner elevates your brand, helping you reach more prospects across all channels. If your in-house marketing team is limited by time and expertise, or if you feel like you’re losing control to a full-stack operation, it’s time to consider a front-end marketing partner. The key word here is partner – you don’t have to give up operational control and decision-making power. The purpose of front-end marketing is to fill the gaps of your internal team with the latest technology, AI-powered data, and a team of experts.

In-House vs. Agency vs. Full-Stack vs. Front-End

Here are the top ten reasons why front-end marketing is the ideal choice to create an ongoing, successful, and evolving partnership for your brand.

1. In-house marketing teams are often limited by resources and time

Many real estate companies rely on in-house marketing, and it’s easy to see why. In-house employees know the brand best, understand day-to-day workings, and are flexible to current events. However, most in-house marketing teams are already burdened by wearing too many hats – tour guide, copywriter, designer, event coordinator, social chair, and community liaison.

2. In-house marketing teams are generally less experienced across technology platforms

In-house marketing teams know the ins and outs of your community and renters, but they may lack the most up-to-date knowledge and awareness of the latest technologies. In-house teams are dedicated to your brand, but do not have as many opportunities or exposure to advancements that evolve your marketing strategy.

3. Agencies are ideal for niche marketing, but are not a scalable solution

A marketing agency is a specialized team of professionals who are hired to accomplish a specific strategy or initiative. This is a good choice for short-term work and quick results on niche projects, but is not ideal for a comprehensive partnership.

4. You pay for an agency’s experience making them more expensive long-term

Agencies offer a range of marketing expertise – branding, design, advertising, SEO, and promotions. This expertise, especially when paid for by the hour, can be more expensive in the long-run. If you are looking to establish a lasting partnership with a team of professionals who are just as dedicated to your brand as your in-house staff, an agency is not the right choice.

5. Agencies do not have the necessary industry expertise to be effective in your space

Given the timeline and budget of working with an agency, you may not be able to work with a team that has any knowledge or expertise in the rental market – whether it be senior living, multifamily, or self storage. They may offer decades of marketing and advertising experience, but without an intimate understanding of your industry, all those efforts can fall flat.

6. Full-stack partners are less specialized

Full-stack marketing works across a variety of disciplines to deliver an all-in-one solution. In addition to similar services provided by front-end marketers, they also offer backend business and pricing management. Email marketing may be included as well. Full-stack will fill personnel gaps with one vendor but are less specialized overall.  

7. There are too many touch points within a single company with full-stack

Full-stack focuses on business management and accounting, rather than tech-savvy marketing tactics. Hiring an all-in-one solution means that the marketing strategy is secondary. Similar to agency professionals, full-stack employees may lack current industry expertise and data-driven insights.  

8. Front-end partners fill personnel gaps in critical, technical positions

Front-end marketers are here to provide high-level expertise for long-term results and teamwork. Services include digital advertising, SEO, website design, and reputation and social media management. Front-end partners give you the very best marketing support, but this team does not address back-end campaigns like email, direct mail, or rental pricing.

9. Front-end systems are more innovative because they are focused on a specific initiative

Depending on the level of support you need, front-end marketing can work from brand development to strategy implementation or one innovative digital marketing campaign at a time. Front-end marketing is a holistic marketing approach that works across multiple channels and consistently evolves to calculate conversions and true ROI for each campaign.

10. Front-end marketing partners are data-centric, focusing on campaign tracking

One main difference between an agency and front-end partner, like G5, is that you don’t have to choose expertise over industry knowledge. Front-end partners tend to be industry-specific because they are data-centric and focus on utilizing the latest technology and innovative strategy to reach your goals. This marketing option couples insightful campaign tracking with the very best marketing tools.

G5: The Front-End Marketing Partner You Need

G5 drives brand awareness to engage and convert your audience with optimized results. We collect ongoing campaign data to create a feedback loop so your strategy and platform is flexible enough to adapt based on how your audience reacts to campaigns and which campaigns work and why. You will have a dedicated account manager who is committed to understanding your specific business as well as they understand they overall industry.

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