One of the biggest challenges facing self storage operators is the adoption of new technologies by onsite staff. Whether you want to bring in self-service kiosks, utilize Bluetooth locks, or transition the entire rental process online, operators generally have more issues with staff members warming up to the new technology than with the technology itself. Fortunately, you can position new technology so your on-the-ground staff believes in it and adopts it early.

Step 1: Set Expectations Up-Front

Self storage facilities are becoming more agile and streamlined thanks to new technologies entering the market, but it’s important to remember that no technology is perfect. When adopting new technologies, it’s best to position the adoption process to your staff with the expectation that there will be hiccups. For the new technology to be successful, your staff has to excited about the benefits, while maintaining realistic expectations about the possible imperfections they may encounter in using it.

Step 2: Explain the Benefits of the New Technology

Be transparent with your staff — they want to know the “why” behind any changes you make. Explain how the adoption of this new technology will foster better years ahead. Adopting Bluetooth locks means your staff will have fewer trips to cut off locks. This places the responsibility on the customer rather than your staff. Online leasing means fewer phone calls to return. Leasing directly through your website means lower overhead and people can select the exact unit they want to rent online. Adding a digital security system means 24/7 visibility into the property.

It’s important to set expectations up-front and clearly explain the benefits for the smoothest possible adoption process. When your staff understands the “why”, they’re more likely to become early adopters.

Step 3: Establish a Training Schedule

A training schedule should be established to successfully integrate new technology at your self storage properties. Your staff will need to be trained on how to properly and effectively use new technologies. Create a training and follow-up schedule — this shows your staff that you care about the success of the tool and their ability to use it accurately. Consider varying your training methods to appeal to the way your staff learns. For example, some people prefer self-guided tutorials, while others may learn better with an instructor at the helm.

You should also connect them with support staff in order to report issues with the new technology. Staff members that have been fully trained on new technology and understand the benefits will quickly become early adopters and your best allies when making changes now and into the future.

Set Yourself Up for Success

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