As marketers, we’re often asked to spend less and do more. But that’s not realistic if you plan to only stick with the same ol’ manual processes and technologies – you need automation. G5 Lead Insights offers real estate marketers in the multifamily, self storage, and senior living industries the ideal solution for optimizing digital advertising campaigns to be more efficient. By capturing the right conversion data and modifying your campaigns and keywords to improve performance, Lead Insights make your ad dollars go further.

Introducing Lead Insights

Lead Insights utilizes innovative attribution and call tracking technology to power your ad campaigns. Attribution gives credit to the specific keywords and campaigns that make your phone ring. Phone calls have traditionally been an offline activity but with Lead Insights, calls become another trackable source along your renter’s journey. With Lead Insights, we can optimize your ads with full knowledge of what performs, not just impressions or traffic. At G5, we optimize your ad spend to focus on those that are most likely to convert. These smarter campaign optimizations generate higher quality clicks which means more phone calls to your property.

How Lead Insights Works

  1. Prospects perform a search and click on a Paid Search Ad, leading them to your website. 
  2. Prospects visit your website and call a unique phone number, which is attributed back to the keywords and campaigns that prompted them to call. 

G5 assigns dynamic call tracking phone numbers to each location based on your website traffic. These numbers are displayed on your website to enable G5 to track what campaign and keyword drove them to visit. 

Lead Insights in Action

Many G5 clients have already seen the value added by Lead Insights. Lead Insights helps marketers in all of our business segments take advantage of more efficient digital advertising. 

G5 Lead Insights increased total inquiries for customer Smart Self Storage by 13%.

Smart Self Storage Case StudyG5 implemented Lead Insights to increase the efficiency of Smart Self Storage’s marketing campaigns. The data provided by Lead Insights allowed our analysts to tweak their campaigns so only the highest performing keywords and campaigns were targeted. Knowing which marketing sources were most effective allowed us to optimize spend by channel, which reduced waste.

Pillar Properties realized a 125% lift in phone calls through Smart Digital Advertising.

Pillar Properties Case StudyG5’s digital strategists implemented real-time pricing and real-time availability in the Paid Search campaigns for Pillar Properties location The Maverick. This proprietary technology pairs with Lead Insights to automatically update pricing in campaign ad text directly from the property’s management system and paused ad groups for unavailable apartments. These smart technologies helped fill apartments and decrease wasted ad spend.

Brightwater maintained full occupancy while move-ins attributed to G5 sources increased by 4.5X and cost-per-lead decreased by 22%.

Brightwater Senior Living Case StudyBrightwater Senior Living wanted to develop a pipeline of qualified prospects and limit vacancies without increasing marketing spend. G5 paired Google Smart Bidding with Lead Insights to determine which ad campaigns converted at the highest rate and then adjusted strategies to drive the highest quality leads.

Smarter Decision Making with Lead Insights

Lead Insights from G5 enables you to outperform your competition and become more effective in the process. Our strategists analyze Lead Insights and implement the latest technology to power and optimize your digital advertising campaigns and improve performance. 

Schedule a demo of Lead Insights today and see how this technology can make your marketing more efficient.