Video is one of the best visual storytelling tools in senior living, and the preferred media choice for many consumers. Creating videos that use the voice of your customers, allows you to easily turn residents into your number one advocates and engage with prospects on a deeper level.

We recently talked about the importance of incorporating voice of the customer into your senior living digital marketing strategy, including on your website. Voice of your customer allows you to use empathy to focus on customer needs, expectations, and understanding. Capturing and vocalizing customer feedback aids in a prospect’s complex decision-making process.

The Importance of Storytelling in Senior Living

Storytelling is especially important to senior living marketers as communities must be sensitive to the very personal and intimate nature of the decision-making process. In order to connect with families and prospective residents, you need to be able to show that you understand the challenges these individuals may be experiencing. Sharing stories helps establish trust throughout the customer journey.

How to Leverage Video to Create a More Empathetic Experience

When planning video testimonials, we suggest using images and interview prompts that will connect with viewers on a personal, pull-at-your-heartstrings level. Show images and provide prompts for residents, but don’t offer too much guidance in order to create authentic, empathetic content. Prospects want to be able to infer the real-life experiences of residents within your community to get an idea of what they can expect for themselves or their loved one.

Pull from resident responses to show photos and video of your social areas, landscaping, communal areas, and residents’ personal living spaces to portray the lifestyle you want prospects to see.

Where to Promote Your Videos

Several digital touchpoints offer the ideal placement to promote your videos throughout the buyer’s journey. Your website will be one of the main sources of information for potential residents and their loved ones. Incorporating videos on the homepage and throughout the site that speak to the experiences of residents helps connect with visitors. Social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are widely used by seniors and their adult children as a proven third-party source of information. Adding personal storytelling videos to your social feeds allows you to connect with prospects in the local region and begin new relationships. Videos can also be promoted through your email marketing campaigns and newsletters.

Portray the Lifestyle You Want Prospective Residents to See

G5 recently partnered with OneDay, an instant video platform that’s revolutionizing the senior health care industry. OneDay makes resident-centered video content easy to generate and complements your overall brand story. G5 and OneDay share a common goal of modernizing sales and marketing in the senior living industry with technology-based tools that expand reach and frequency of messaging. By incorporating OneDay into your digital marketing strategy, you portray the lifestyle you want prospective residents to see.