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Renter Basics

Better Together

Website Accessibility

State of the Industry

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Data & Analytics

Renter Basics

Let’s start with an overview of the basics. Knowing what your resident wants and how to provide a memorable experience with your brand are key.

Knowing what residents want is the first step towards converting more website traffic into tours.

SEO + Digital Advertising: Better Together

There’s no pair quite like search engine optimization (SEO) and digital advertising. Here’s how they work together to engage residents and their loved ones to generate the best quality leads for your community.

Predictive Marketing allows you to make effective, data-driven marketing decisions by computing volumes of data that humans can’t keep up with.

Website Accessibility

Smart advice on how to engage more residents by making websites more accessible.

Accessible websites make the internet a better place for all users and strengthens your marketing foundation.

State of Digital Marketing

Our State of Digital Marketing in Senior Living 1H 2020 will explore factors to consider as you rethink the rest of the year.

16.7 -- average days from first interaction with your brand to inquiry.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics explores reporting and attribution for marketers, with a specific emphasis on Multi-Touch Attribution.

G5 Analytics combines marketing metrics from across channels into a single platform.

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