The temperature outside isn’t the only thing that’s heating up as summer approaches – so is the competition for multifamily search clicks. During this peak season, and throughout the year, having a streamlined website can help you convert more prospects into leads. Refining your website and making it both user-friendly and actionable helps eliminate possible hurdles to leasing. Searchers looking for a new apartment have many questions that need to be answered and if your website can provide these answers in a clean, easy-to-navigate format, you put yourself in a great position to attract new residents.

Streamline Your Website

No matter the season, having an up-to-date, streamlined website helps visitors become leads, and eventually renters. As multifamily marketers, it’s essential to understand how people interact with your website and then make it as simple as possible for them to convert.

Streamlining your website starts “above the fold” – the screen space that appears on first load – with a visible and inspiring call to action. When a user visits your website, make it easy for them to find the most pertinent information. “View Floor Plans” or “Find Your Next Home” buttons and verbiage leading to the Floor Plans page directs users to the place where they are most likely to convert and provides an immediate answer to one of their primary questions – do you have what I’m looking for?

Make Leasing Easy

Your location and contact information should be readily available on every page of your website. Remember that not every user comes to your homepage first. Through organic search or a pay-per-click ad, they may go directly to the Floor Plans, Amenities, or Neighborhood page. Each of these pages should have your contact information and location listed. Consider having a sticky call button attached the side of the screen that makes it intuitive for searchers to contact you at any time throughout their browsing.

Have the important information searchers want to know bold and easy to find:

  • Where can they find you?
  • How can they contact you?
  • Do you have apartments available?
  • How much do your apartments lease for?
  • What features and amenities are included?
  • Do you allow pets? If so, are there are restrictions?

Layout this information in an intuitive way, that is formatted to help users along the path to conversion. A streamlined website that offers a simple user experience can be most effective in using your website to convert visitors into renters.

Real-Time Pricing and Availability

Potential renters looking for an apartment have a move-in date in mind and if your website doesn’t include real-time pricing and availability, they may bounce immediately. Apartment searchers want companies to meet them with current and accurate information at each touchpoint along the buyer’s journey and if you have a pricing and availability hurdle in place, they may find someone else who doesn’t. Real-time pricing and availability makes it easy for searchers to find the exact apartment they want at the time they need it. Apartment searchers don’t want to fall in love with your community and then find out you don’t have any availability for months.

Focus on User Experience

Remember to clearly state your offerings and where and when they are available. Your website should focus on providing searchers with a streamlined user experience that makes it as easy as possible for people to rent available apartment homes. Start with a focused call to action that immediately leads visitors to the information they seek. Real-time pricing and availability tells potential renters what floor plans you have, when they are available, and how much they cost. Tailoring your website to make sure it’s easy for people to lease will help convert leads and help turn these conversions into eventual advocates for your brand.

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