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Why You Need a Location-Specific Digital Strategy

G5 Posted April 26, 2019 by G5

Local search continues to grow in importance, which means you need a location-specific digital strategy to show up in the moments that matter most. Search algorithms have changed and continue to evolve constantly placing more weight in location than branded searches. Your digital strategy must take location into consideration or else risk not being seen […]

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The Secret to Reducing ILS Dependency

G5 Posted January 4, 2019 by G5

The secret to reducing your internet listing service (ILS) dependency is recognizing the high cost of paying for a lead aggregator. Spend more efficiently and effectively by taking back control over the experience you offer leads and customers. Relying on an ILS costs more than just the dollar amount at the end of your contract. […]

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Plan Now for Unique Resident Events in 2018

G5 Posted December 20, 2017 by G5

Don’t just host the same, tired events at your community. Try something different to truly engage your residents.

How You Can Benefit From G5’s New Partnership With Facebook

G5 Posted December 15, 2017 by G5

G5 was recently named a Facebook Managed Partner, giving us access to a wealth of information that can benefit your digital advertising efforts.

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