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Market Data: Top Growth Metros in Multifamily Real Estate

Posted July 31, 2017 by G5

Using geographic search data, search competitiveness, population and rent growth projections as starting points can help you build a better marketing plan.

Why a competitive analysis should lead to a Unique Value Proposition

Posted July 27, 2017 by G5

Whether branding or rebranding, performing a competitive analysis to measure your property’s value against comparable properties in your market and area is critical.

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3 Easy Trigger-Based Campaigns

Posted July 24, 2017 by G5

Find out how to strategically leverage your digital marketing budget and campaigns by creating “triggers” to adjust your spend.

How to Measure Your Campaign’s Performance

Posted July 23, 2017 by G5

You don’t need to look at every piece of data out there, but you should be paying attention to these statistics that tell you if your campaign is working.

How Your Customers Move Through the Digital Landscape

Posted July 20, 2017 by G5

How can you position your business to optimize the effectiveness of each customer touchpoint and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time?

G5 Shortlisted for Google Premier Partner Award in Growing Businesses Online

Posted July 9, 2017 by G5

G5 is proud to announce being selected as a finalist for the Google Premier Partner Awards in the “Growing Businesses Online” category.

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G5 Named to The Silicon Review’s “10 Fastest Growing Google Solution Providers”

Posted July 6, 2017 by G5

G5 was recently named to The Silicon Review’s 2017 shortlist of the “10 Fastest Growing Google Solutions Providers”.

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G5 and LCP360 Form Alliance to Provide an Enhanced Online User Experience for Prospective Tenants

Posted June 20, 2017 by G5

G5 and LCP360 Form Alliance to Provide an Enhanced Online User Experience for Prospective Tenants

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Are You Avoiding Black Hat SEO Tactics? Here’s How

Posted June 5, 2017 by G5

Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the same rules. Enter black hat SEO–tactics that violate search engine best practices, circumnavigating user experience for short-term gain.

How to Hire an SEO

Posted June 1, 2017 by G5

Your goal is to make it easier for customers to find and engage with your business, and digital marketing wisdom promotes SEO as a powerful tool for making it happen.

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