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Use Digital Marketing Strategies to Withstand the Next Downturn

Posted July 15, 2015 by G5

In the current climate of higher occupancies there is a tendency to drop sail and float along with the easy current, to enjoy the rewards without taking steps to plan for success in the long term.

Display Advertising: Top Tips for Reaching the Right Audience at the Right Price

Posted July 14, 2015 by G5

By carefully following a few simple rules you can implement a cost-effective, trackable display advertising campaign.

Three Culprits of Website Depreciation and How to Fight Them

Posted June 23, 2015 by G5

Learn how to fight the culprits of website depreciation.

G5 Celebrates its 10th Year Maximizing Digital Marketing Effectiveness for Property Management Companies

Posted June 15, 2015 by G5

10 year anniversary

Top 10 Healthiest Employers of Oregon.

Posted June 14, 2015 by G5

Recognized for two consecutive years by Portland Business Journal as one of the top 10 Healthiest Employers of Oregon.

Top Multifamily Digital Marketing Trends: Where Your Competitors are Placing Their Bets

Posted June 1, 2015 by G5

Multifamily marketers are constantly challenged to stay ahead of the curve.

Not All Search is Created Equal: Maximize Effectiveness with Organic Search and PPC

Posted May 26, 2015 by G5

Harvard Business Review reported last month that, for the first time in history, customer relationships are being valued more highly than a company’s brand.

Rumors Confirmed by Google Amidst a Very Active Period of Major Algorithm Changes

Posted May 20, 2015 by G5

This week, Google confirmed what many suspected: search engine results changed at the beginning of May 2015.

G5 Launches Online Leasing Solution for Self Storage Operators

Posted May 10, 2015 by G5

Leasing Solution

Three Ways Online Leasing Will Delight Your Tenants

Posted April 3, 2015 by G5

Three ways online leasing will delight your tenants.

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