As younger renters enter the market, it’s important that multifamily developers, contractors, architects, and interior designers align their strategy with the preferences of this demographic. There are several multifamily design trends you need to know about if you want to stand out online and off.

Larger Units

According to Building, Design & Construction, condo and rental unit floor plans have become much larger in size than in previous construction booms and is disproportionately high-end. The same is true for luxury rentals, said James Letchinger, President, JDL Development explained: As empty nesters downsize and move into urban areas, they are renting larger units in “unbelievable” numbers.

Keyless Entry

Alex Samoylovich, CEO, Cedar Street, told Building, Design and Construction that he’s working toward keyless entry via tenants’ cellphones across his firm’s portfolio of 18 properties. “Seventy-five percent of our tenants have given us permission for keyless entry into their units to deliver packages,” he said. Keyless technology can even be a revenue stream, according to Samoylovich.

Communal Workspaces

Jules Escalona of Straight Designs Art Director told Multi-Housing News, “One of the main design trends we are experiencing in multifamily properties has been open concept lounges and lobbies that can also perform as communal workspaces. Business centers that were once tucked away in overlooked corners have now taken center stage as a premium amenity catering to digital nomads. Innovation and multi-functionality are driving design with case goods offering charging ports, occasional tables doubling as laptop landings, and modular seating providing spaces for individuals and/or groups.”

Artful Accents

According to Colorado Real Estate Journal, infusing the arts into private development fosters more unique and effective spaces. Done thoughtfully, it can advance the local creative community, which adds value and vitality to the surrounding area. Jules Escalona of Straight Designs agrees: “This generation, who is always on the go, needs a well-designed place to land for either a client meeting or a place to spread their work outside of the confines of their apartment. It’s quite evident that the old 9-to-5 cubicle is transforming more into satellite mobile type of positions and they need various great amenity spaces to socialize and work within.”

Showcase Your Best Assets

Your website is often the first stop a prospective resident makes when researching you online. If you want to keep them on-page long enough to learn more about your community, you need to showcase your best assets up front. Don’t go with a generic pool photo to set you apart, stay up-to-date with the latest multifamily design trends and leverage them to your advantage.

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