It’s no longer enough to be online, with an informative website and a handful of third-party pages on review sites or social media. That’s the bare minimum that every business, across all industries, completes. If you want to break through the noise of your competitor’s online presence, you need an action-oriented online portfolio that is relevant, interactive, and converts leads to leases.

Here’s our list of initial tips and to-dos to increase leads and enhance your online presence.

Digital Advertising Tips & To-Dos

  • Put your website to work.

Invest in a streamlined, action-oriented website that invites customers to proceed through the customer journey. When a quality lead visits your website, they should be able to view availability, pricing, and the leasing contract. Their next step should be a phone call, visit, or completing your online leasing form. Your website should also work for existing customers. Be sure to post any changes to access hours, policies, and pricing. Customers should be able to renew a lease and pay their bill online, as well.

  • Target the right moment, in the right space.

Studies have shown that less than half of self storage renters purchase a unit one month before a move, and only 55 percent have even started their research. Self storage relies on a fast-paced decision-making process. Target your ideal audience at the right place and time with a digital advertising strategy that works for you. How does this work? With multi-modal and prioritized engagement that stimultaneosuly invites prospects complete the customer journey.

  • Get hyper-local with your SEO.

One of the fastest-growing search engine trends is the use of highly personal and conversational language to find the best and nearest options. Instead of simply searching for “self storage in Bend, OR”, users are searching for “self storage near me” or “self storage for me”. Make sure your keywords list is frequently updated to incorporate this type of conversational language, as well as keywords specific to your location (and nearby landmarks) to drive leads directly to your website.

  • Own your Google My Business listing.

Did you know that there’s a process to take ownership over the comprehensive Search Engine Result Page listing that shows up on Google? Once you complete this simple process, you can add photos, update incorrect content, and access data and SERP insights such as call tracking, website referral, getting directions, and reviews.

If you’re not already on Facebook, now is the time to set up a business page and a manager account. Then, verify your website so that only you can edit links and other business content that lives on Facebook. We recommend having a social media strategy in place from the get-go so that you are frequently uploading creative, user-friendly, and interactive content that draws customers and prospects to you.

  • Understand the ins and outs of digital advertising.

In short, digital advertising refers to promotional messaging that occurs online. It’s everything from colorful display ad on a news website to a paid spot on Google’s right-hand-side advertising column. Digital advertising is used to increase brand awareness and highlight your facility’s top-notch features with paid social, display ads, paid search, and remarketing. G5 takes this one step further with innovative call attribution and performance data so that you always know what’s working, who’s calling, and how they found you. This ensures that we reach the right people for your facility at the right time.

  • Give your review site pages a little TLC.

We guarantee you have reviews you don’t know about on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. It’s time to monitor and respond to any and all reviews, on all review sites. Just one negative review drives away 30 new customers. Are you sure you just want to ignore it?

Ready to Get Started?

First off, get to know G5, the leader in real estate marketing. G5’s products and services include the Intelligent Marketing Cloud, website design, lead scoring and insights, and reputation and social media management. Our digital advertising strategies work best through targeting specific audience matches, moment targeting, hyper-local SEO, and visitor re-engagement. We target specific audience sectors and make sure your entire online portfolio is ready to work for the entire customer journey.

G5-powered websites are designed alongside a data-driven digital advertising strategy to convert and perform as well as they look. The lives of self storage renters are busy. Your website should include real-time pricing, unit availability, and online leasing so that your new customer can lease the second they choose you. We will also integrate your website with top PMS systems including SiteLink and Centershift so that your website lists accurate, up-to-date information.

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