The senior living industry is currently experiencing record lows in occupancy at 88 percent. With the market tightening, you need to branch out and try new technologies to generate new leads to overcome these low occupancy levels. Adding new technologies to your marketing strategy can help attract new residents that you may not have reached in the past with traditional methods.

In With the New

As marketers, you shouldn’t completely shift your budget away from older, proven methods of marketing when considering the integration of new technologies. Instead, take a portion of your budget and move it to test the newest digital marketing methods. While you can’t afford to only do what you’ve always done, you want to find a balance between proven methods and new technologies to become more effective.

Digital Ads

Digital advertising continues to evolve and innovate thanks to automation and artificial intelligence (AI). G5 uses Google Responsive Display Ads, which leverage machine-learning to test multiple combinations of images and copy to build the best-performing ads. It optimizes campaigns and saves you time by running the most effective campaigns for your brand. Smart Digital Advertising from G5 incorporates Lead Insights to provide data about which campaigns and keywords are driving engagement. Using and analyzing Lead Insights helps you get the most bang for your marketing buck.

Responsive Web Design

Your website should follow UX best practices, guiding users down the conversion funnel. Responsive design allows your website to function well across any device, providing your visitors and prospects with a positive, consistent user experience. Craft your brand story on your website with visuals and copy that drive conversions. Your responsive website should help you get found online, answer your prospect’s questions, and be understood by search engines. Responsive design driven by good data helps you eliminate the guesswork in your digital marketing strategy.

Reputation Management

Leveraging a reputation management tool can help expedite review response times and monitor the content for sentiment analysis. Investing in a reputation management tool that provides automatic notifications for new reviews when they come in allows you to respond to both positive and negative feedback quickly. When reviews are responded to, especially negative ones, 33 percent of reviewers will follow up with positive feedback about the resolution. Another 34 percent will delete their negative review altogether. The aggregation of reviews into one place allows you to keep an eye on everything and respond as needed. What’s more, reviews in places like your Google My Business page now account for about 15 percent of where Google will prioritize your search engine result ranking.

Integrated Analytics

Integrated analytics combines data from all of your marketing channels into one centralized hub, which allows you to make empowered decisions based on actionable insights and measurable results. Studying your analytics gives you insight into user patterns that help make informed marketing decisions. G5 Analytics shows you which data will predict future outcomes and ensures you’re measuring the right metrics from the start. With G5 Analytics, your marketing strategy can move from reactive to proactive by seeing trends coming.  

Use New Technology to Increase Occupancy

The buyer’s journey has changed. With buyers consulting 20 resources before making a purchase decision, marketers have to show up at every touchpoint. Adapting new technologies into your marketing strategy and showing up at each touchpoint can help increase occupancy during a softened market. As a senior living marketers, you need to try new tactics in order to connect with the right prospects at the right time with the right content. Redistributing a portion of your budget to test new technologies, like Smart Digital Advertising, alongside your already proven marketing methods will help you attract new residents.

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