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Don’t Just Pay For Leads, Pay For the Right Ones

G5 Posted May 10, 2019 by G5

The practice of paying for leads has always been a commonplace marketing strategy for many companies in the real estate industry. Internet Listing Services (ILSs) and lead aggregators tend to play a large role in brand awareness and many real estate marketers still devote a large portion of their budgets to showing up on these […]

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This May Be Why People Aren’t Leasing Your Units

G5 Posted May 7, 2019 by G5

When renters reach a self storage website that doesn’t include real-time pricing and availability, or the flow of the website isn’t intuitive, bounce rates skyrocket and units remain vacant. In a competitive self storage market that saw average rents decrease in 2018 due to concessions, increased delivery, and high occupancy goals, operators need to overcome […]

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Stop Creating Hurdles to Leasing

G5 Posted May 6, 2019 by G5

The temperature outside isn’t the only thing that’s heating up as summer approaches – so is the competition for multifamily search clicks. During this peak season, and throughout the year, having a streamlined website can help you convert more prospects into leads. Refining your website and making it both user-friendly and actionable helps eliminate possible […]


Turn Your Marketing Up or Down, Not On or Off

G5 Posted May 3, 2019 by G5

A common misconception among the leadership in many real estate organizations is that marketing is something you turn on or off depending on occupancy or market conditions. But that is not a strategy that will set you up for long-term success. You need to maintain a steady marketing presence to continue to attract and retain […]

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Let Your Residents Be Your #1 Advocates

G5 Posted May 1, 2019 by G5

Video is one of the best visual storytelling tools in senior living, and the preferred media choice for many consumers. Creating videos that use the voice of your customers, allows you to easily turn residents into your number one advocates and engage with prospects on a deeper level. We recently talked about the importance of […]

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Stand Out with Niche Self Storage

G5 Posted April 29, 2019 by G5

In 2018, average rents in the self storage industry decreased nationwide due to concessions, increased delivery, and high occupancy goals. Research also shows that demand hasn’t kept up with the supply increase over the last several years, but will likely be carried by the storage needs of millennials, baby boomers, and Gen Z. In order […]

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Why You Need a Location-Specific Digital Strategy

G5 Posted April 26, 2019 by G5

Local search continues to grow in importance, which means you need a location-specific digital strategy to show up in the moments that matter most. Search algorithms have changed and continue to evolve constantly placing more weight in location than branded searches. Your digital strategy must take location into consideration or else risk not being seen […]

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Multifamily Persona Development 101

G5 Posted April 24, 2019 by G5

Today’s customer expects a highly customized experience at every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey. Before you can deliver this kind of experience though, you need to develop multifamily buyer personas for your brand. Buyer personas help ensure your marketing strategy engages buyers and generates leads. Creating buyer personas and journeys allows you to determine what […]

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How to Incorporate Voice of Customer Into Your Website

G5 Posted April 22, 2019 by G5

As senior living marketers, we rely on empathy to tell our unique brand story and connect with seniors and families at every stage in their journey. When a prospect arrives on your website, you want to give them a reason to return. By incorporating voice of the customer into your marketing materials, you turn residents […]

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Why Citation Management is Critical to Local Search

G5 Posted April 19, 2019 by G5

The buyer’s journey no longer follows a simple, step-by-step process. Buyers now consult over 20 online sources before making a purchase decision and businesses need to show up at each touchpoint or risk losing potential leads. Renters begin their searches online, which means your business needs to perform in local organic search in order to […]

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