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A Letter From Our CEO: The Next Chapter of G5

Posted July 20, 2021 by G5

To our very important G5 Customers and Prospects: With your help, over the past 16 years, we have worked extensively to build the best-in-class digital marketing platform in our space. Along the way, we have tried to incorporate product enhancement requests, feedback, and input from you — our amazing customers. Our goal has always been […]

Keeping Up With Website Accessibility

Posted July 18, 2021 by G5

Want to know something that’s harder to keep up with than the Kardashians when they’re no longer on E!? Keeping up with website accessibility.  We asked G5 subject matter experts — Ben Steward, VP Revenue and Thomas Lavallee, Sr. Director of Compliance — to break down the legal and technical landscape of website accessibility to […]

Photo of woman coding on computer.

Team Up To Level Up Leads to Leasing Experience

Posted July 12, 2021 by G5

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold. What’s better than being best-in-class? A G5 + Knock best-in-class partnership.  When we say best-in-class, we mean being the kind of MarTech (marketing technology) company who teams up strategically with other industry-specific partners to make our client’s lives easier and provide better insights on your leads and leases. […]

Two marketing professionals high five

Dos and Don’ts of Branding and UX

Posted July 7, 2021 by G5

A little louder for those in the back: your brand is what makes you stand out from your competition and be memorable to your customers. We heard from G5 designers and marketers — April O’Rourke, Caitlin Moriarty, and Christie Taylor — to get a crash course in building a UX-backed brand.  Let’s get to the […]

Wooden blocks with the words do it and don’t written on them.

Color Theory Basics

Posted June 30, 2021 by G5

According to color researchers, when users leave a website — to never return (bye, Felicia) — it’s due to poor color choices and bad design choices 52% of the time. That’s huge! And while going through ROY G. BIV may seem pretty elementary, it’s important to anticipate and understand reactions that prospects may have to […]

Girl painting a colorful rainbow on a window.

Visual Brand Expression 101

Posted June 21, 2021 by G5

Our eyes can be a pretty bossy sense, and sway our judgment. This means, designers hold the power to use typography and photography to grab attention and guide researching renters and seniors on their path to conversion. Read on to learn the basics of the visual side of branding. Typography Did you ever write coded […]

Woman holding black and white portrait.

Branding + the Attention-Economy: Be Creative to Be Competitive

Posted June 14, 2021 by G5

Back in the day, aka 2019, your property or community would be competing against other properties or communities. Seems straightforward, what changed? As all of our lives are increasingly online, and increasingly digitally-distracted, your property or community isn’t just competing to stand out against other similar businesses. Now you’re competing for attention against everything else: […]

Photo of a family, with dad kissing the baby and searching on the computer.

Brand + User Experience Through the Lens of Online Accessibility

Posted June 7, 2021 by G5

As marketers, we’re often thought of as the company megaphone, meaning that we want our message to connect with as many in-market people as possible. But, sometimes in order to reach a wider audience getting louder isn’t the only option, or even the best one. Let’s think about branding and user experience (UX) as they […]

woman on computer from above

Three Tips for Using Data to Inform Marketing Decisions

Posted June 2, 2021 by G5

Data is one of the most powerful resources we have as marketers, but making data approachable, understandable, and actionable is a challenge. We all know the struggle of Excel or Google-sheet-induced-overwhelm. And, we also know how the benefits of those “a-ha!” data moments can lead to transformational change in how you use data in your […]

marketer looking at data on desktop computer

Finding Clarity in the Chaos: Unraveling Complex Data

Posted May 19, 2021 by G5

Complex data can sometimes feel unapproachable, but it doesn’t need to be either hands off, over our head, or get-me-outta-here boring. As you know, data has the power to unlock incredible insights for your marketing, and who better to break it down than G5’s own wicked smart data scientist, Marjean Pobuda. She unpacks how data […]

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